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    Sending Raw data through NFC


    Does any one know if it's possible to send some raw data through NFC chip in Nokia phone?

    Lets say I do not want to use the discovery manager to detect cards but design my own logic...
  2. Re: Eclipse 3.2.2 and Nokia SDK 1.1 Emulator problem

    Hey thanks for reply... it works now... quite sensitive about the version ;)
  3. Eclipse 3.2.2 and Nokia SDK 1.1 Emulator problem


    I am trying to run the SimpleNDEF example with eclipse 3.2.2 and Nokia SDK 1.1 but when I run the example after importing the emulator is launched and as soon as press the "select" key it...
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    Using Pagoda reader with Nokia Emulator?

    Hi all,

    I want to use the Pagoda reader from Philips/NXP with the emulator provided with Nokia SDK.

    I plug in the Pagoda reader and start the Emulator but it does not detect the Pagoda reader...
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