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    Re: TFindProcess - unbelievable

    my exe can't have 2 instances.
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    Re: TFindProcess - unbelievable

    Does anybody know the answer for this problem? cos I've met the same thing, I need start a console exe from UI program, if I create Console::NewL(), the exe will have blank screen blink, so I remove...
  3. Re: CAknForm: How can I set second Edwin's position?

    I found if the texts of all two fields are as many lines (6 lines) as more than one screen can display, the two fields will adjust the position automatically, if the added lines were less than 6, the...
  4. Re: CAknForm: How can I set second Edwin's position?

    my rss part as below:

    RESOURCE FORM r_fancy_form_two_text_field_form
    items =
    type = EEikCtEdwin;
    prompt =...
  5. CAknForm: How can I set second Edwin's position?

    Hi, I'm working on a S60 2nd edtion platform, and I write a CAknForm class just like CAknExFormSaveForm, only two CEikEdwin' fields in that form, the first one I used to contain telephone numbers,...
  6. Re: How to create a application which only use part of the screen?

    you can transfer the pressed key to phone app to handle, like this:

    TApaTaskList tlist(iEikonEnv->WsSession());
    TApaTask app(tlist.FindApp(KPhoneAppUid));

    // send a keypress to the phone app...
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    Re: CEikedwin control

    here's the code to change text color to black:

    CCharFormatLayer* formatLayer = CEikonEnv::NewDefaultCharFormatLayerL();
    TCharFormat charFormat;
    TCharFormatMask charFormatMask; ...
  8. Re: how to change the input mode for listbox findbox?

    I think you can press key "#" to switch input mode, but I've got another question, did your find box display input-mode icon?
  9. How to display input type in a find box with EPopup style?

    Hi, I'm writing a app show a multiselection listbox with a findbox(CAknSearchField), the stlye i'm using is EPopup, it works but it can't show the input type in the searchfiled, no matter I press...
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