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  1. Re: How to add MultimediaDD capability within my certificate?

    Below are the details:
    E-Mail: neelkamal@genietechnology.com
    Name: Neel kamal
    Company name :Genie Technology

    My account was verified with the publisher ID,still when download the certificate...
  2. How to add MultimediaDD capability within my certificate?

    I am developing a Voip application for which i require Multimedia DD capability, In my app have activated the APS support. with the new Symbiansigned.com, ihave no idea how to request them for this...
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    Re: Symbian Signed - Low Mem test

    how to trace out in a code where these problem in the code lies:
    this is result that i am getting after the lowmem testing tool.

    Test Results...
    Test Count: 37
    Test Failed (%): 24
    Mem Leak:...
  4. Inserting more then three (MMS )picture on the view for NOKIA6630

    In MMS application on 6630 i have to insert five different picture on the the same View.
    The path of the image is passed to this function:

    void CImageConverterEngine::StartToDecodeL(...
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    how to uplink recorded voice on 6630

    i need ur help regarding uplinking and downlinking of recorded voice on 6630 device .Anyhelp ( pdf links,document ) will be appriciated.
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