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  1. Re: The truth of implementing a VoIP client in Symbian

    Hi, my last question, before I give up to execute this task using J2ME, is if it's possible to access and edit any file that stores SIP profile's information and WLAN's informations using...
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    Re: Auto Start a MIDLET

    I'm very interested at this topic could you specify better how can I put my MIDlet in the startup folder in S60, so it can run like a service does in Windows, by the way do you know if I can edit the...
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    Re: File Browsing Problem

    Hello, I'd like to know if I can access SIP Profile configuration files and edit then using FileConnection and a file that contains the available WLAN's and set one as default, I don't even know if...
  4. Re: The truth of implementing a VoIP client in Symbian

    I've seen Fring and it implements some functionalities I would to use but my application would act like a service acts in Windows detecting if WLAN is available and enabling Internet calls...
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    Re: Wifi connection

    Hello, my question is relationed with this topic, how can I get the available WLAN's to give the user a chance to choose one, or a way to access this feature on the device using J2ME. Thanks.
  6. Re: The truth of implementing a VoIP client in Symbian

    Hi, where can I get some information about configuring the SISX file to automate the Nokia VoIP Client configuration using J2ME. Thanks.
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    Re: JME MIDlet.platformRequest and SIP

    Hello, someone could tell me how can I config the sip profile and the calls to be made by "internet call" in a E61i using J2ME, which API should I use? Thanks.
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    Re: s60 sip profile setting in j2me

    Hi, I'm starting to develop J2ME apps and I'm trying to config the SIP profile at E61i and enable Internet calls and maybe give a screen to user choose the WLAN that will be used what API should I...
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    Re: Open Source SIP Client for S60 Platform

    Hi anklemet, I'm trying to do a application to config S60's SIP and enable VoIP features like Internet Calls and find available WLAN's, do you know any API I could use? I totally new at this topic....
  10. Re: Notification about state changes of VoIP call

    Hi, someone know any API to configure VoIP features using JavaME? Thanks.
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    Re: How to create SIP account programatically?

    My doubt is the same, someone could help us to find something an API. Thanks.
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    Re: Changing default call type from code on E61

    Hi, I'm facing problems to find available WLAN's and config SIP using JavaME what API should I use? Do I need any signing or devcert? Thanks.
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    Re: Unable to launch emulator in EclipseME 1.7.6

    I've got the same problem too, I've made the HelloWorld example and when I try to run it the error comes, if I say to run from jad the error is in creating jad, if I say to run from MIDlet the error...
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