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    Thanks, but it seems that the VC FP2 chinese SDK...

    Thanks, but it seems that the VC FP2 chinese SDK zip file is broken at the moment. And then the question is what files to copy... But I might figure it out as soon as I get a working VC FP2 chinese...
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    Chinese FP2 download corrupt?

    I downloaded (two times) the S60_FP2 Chinese zip file, but it does not completely unzip with either XP or winzip (corrupt zip file) and linux unzip. Are you sure this file is OK?

    On another note,...
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    chinese S60_FP2 CW

    I cannot find a chinese FP2 SDK. How should we debug chinese apps for FP2 with CW 3.0? the english SDK just shows empty placeholder rectangles instead of chinese text, which makes it kind of...
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    So, in the short term, is there a way to get the...

    So, in the short term, is there a way to get the symbolics for a Nokia SDK then? I hear the UIQ SDKs have them, so what is the problem with releasing them for S60 SDKs?
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    Memory leak debugging

    What is the best way to find memory leaks in CW 3.0, without having the S60 source code or symbols? The emulator displays an ALLOC message at closing time, so what can one do about it?

    All my old...
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    And how would I do this with the linux version?...

    And how would I do this with the linux version? Or to put it in another way, how does the PC-Suite upload the stuff? Is there a description of the bluetooth commands / file packaging format used...
  7. SignalStrength params, neighbor cells, 7650

    I cant seem to get valid numbers for iBer and iSignalStrength in RBasicGsmPhone::TPhoneInfo, they are always 0.

    there does not seem to be a problem with getting cellid, phoneid, available networks...
  8. RE: Error Code : Etel Client Faul Reason :- 28

    check the life scopes of your RTelServer, RBasicGsmPhone and RTelServer::TPhoneInfo
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    sdk 0.9 -> 1.0 .mid does not play anymore

    using the sound example in 0.9, I could replace the play.wav with test.mid and it would play normally. does not seem to work anymore in 1.0. Is this a known problem, or am i doing something wrong? I...
  10. FYI: linux nds in case of "error loading shared libraries"

    (gentoo stable, blackdown vm)
    I commented out this part in setup.bin to make it work ...

    # glibc floating stack problem on Linux
    #if [ `uname -s` = Linux ]
    # case `uname -r` in...
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