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    where did you install the helix server?

    I have tested helix server,but nokia6600 can not access the content, it got some clip information such as totol time and if there is audio or video stream in the content .but it can't play.I checked...
  2. please help me edit MIME information!

    hi, thank you, but I haven't solve this problem.
    my web server is apache,the profile is complex,I don't know where to insert MIME information, can you give me a sample? I have downloaded the...
  3. why my realone can not play real video?

    my mobile is nokia6600, but it can not play real video(eg:rtsp://someserver/1.3gp).I make a stream server with realnetworks helix universal server and it worked well in internet. but when I play it...
  4. thank you very much!

    I will try, as your means ,the server will send some information to the client and so the client knows which program should be excuted to open the file.
  5. how to download a video clip and open it with realone on nokia6600

    what is the problem?when I click a hyperlink on nokia video website within web browser,it automaticly download it and open it with realone player , but when I write a code like this <a...
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