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  1. drag a MovieClip: _xmouse and _ymouse not updated

    When touching the screen (S60 5th edition devices), _xmouse and _ymouse get updated, that's ok.

    Now the problem is: if you keep the stylus down and move it, _xmouse and _ymouse will not get...
  2. Re: Reports/Statistics problem, please Nokia help

    I had got a reply about the publisher name problem as seen by the customer ("2 days ago" indeed when I posted my message), but no reply on the reports issue.
    Anyway, it turns out that the reports...
  3. Reports/Statistics problem, please Nokia help


    I'm having a serious problem, already emailed to OVI support, but no answer. So I'll repeat it here.

    My app was published Friday last week. The statistics show no sales, who knows, it...
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