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  1. Using datacable to upload apps/MIDlets to phone

    I need to use datacable to upload the J2ME applications to 7210, as i do not have gprs.

    But once i get the cable how do i upload the MIDlets i wrote or written by others?

    Any special software...
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    Development environment and SDKs question

    I have installed 'Sun[tm] ONE Studio 4 update 1 (Mobile Edition)' with 'Java2 SDK 1.4.1' from SUN and as far as i know it is enough to develop complete Midlets for my 7210.

    But what is the Nokia...
  3. What i need to start programming for my phone?

    Sorry.. this is a beginner's question. I have experience programming for the PC and PocketPC ( VC++, VB). But i would like to start programming with J2ME for my phone (7210) but have no experience...
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