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  1. Re: [moved] suggestion for Map for LBS project

    The first statement to make is that any solution you choose will have a cost. There is no free map service for mobile devices.

    I'm plainly biased ;) but I would choose either Yahoo, MapTP Web...
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    Re: integrating Google Maps

    Hi Ling,

    These interfaces offer a free 30-day development evaluation license. If you have a specific project in mind then I can introduce you to other people in our organisation that might be...
  3. Re: how to get geocoding data, map, navigation route, in jsr293?

    JSR293 does not provide any data or functionality directly, it provides an API to use a Service Provider that controls this data. If you do not have a Service Provider installed then you cannot view...
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    Re: integrating Google Maps

    And static maps are so boring :)

    Try a vector based mapping component instead, it reduces the amount of data downloaded and gives a much better user experience, see the MapTP Component Interface...
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    Re: [moved] GIS Library

    Hi Halimz,

    Have you looked at http://devnet.map24.com?

    What GIS work do you want to perform?

    - Mike
    NAVTEQ Network for Developers
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    Re: Finding mobile location with API?

    Hi Sanjay,

    Not that I can add much to the other answers you have had except to say that accessing the GPS device using JavaME is by far the simplest and easiest way to get the phone's current...
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    Re: Access compass via J2ME

    Sorry... didn't mean it as a serious comment, hence the smiley.

    It makes a lot of sense, if you use C++. It is very frustrating if you use JME.

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    Re: Access compass via J2ME

    So it's not possible to access the compass using JSR179? Is there a C++ API? If not, it's pretty pointless having the hardware :-)
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    Re: Access compass via J2ME

    The 6210 developer page says JSR179 is supported and JSR179 has the Orientation class so I would be pretty confident this is going to work.

    What I'd really like to know is if I can get to the...
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    Re: What are "Positioning Methods" ?

    To be clear, this indicates that the device does not have a built-in GPS chip.

    I found the following description of "Network Based Positioning" here.

    In addition, accuracy of tower-only...
  11. Re: NMEA strings from JSR179 getExtraInfo do not have CR/LF delimeters - Nokia E60

    By definition, each NMEA data line (message) must begin with the $ character and end with a CRLF sequence (there's a good summary at Wikipedia).

    I haven't actually looked at the string that is...
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    Re: Reverse GeoCoding using J2ME and N95

    Hi Maclin,

    You currently can't do this using Nokia Maps, although a new map plug-in will be available in a while that will let you mark your own points of interest.

    If you need to perform full...
  13. Re: can I use the location apis for a student group project?

    "Personal use" tends to mean "non-commercial" and "not for distribution".

    So long as you are only using any such APIs in your student project and you are not distributing the application to users...
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    Re: dvantage of using Autodesk platform

    The advantage of any hosted map data platform (whether it's Autodesk, deCarta or Mapsolute, amongst others) is that development is much easier than trying to manipulate the data yourself. Also, you...
  15. Re: Forum Nokia LBS Code Camp on 29 February 2008

    The SDK docs say that NMEA files generated by both the Garmin and Magellan devices are compatible with the emulator. You would use this for very complex simulations that specifically need to follow...
  16. Re: Forum Nokia LBS Code Camp on 29 February 2008

    Thanks for that! I completely forgot to say that mass-transit timetables, stops and routes are included in Discover Cities... also attributes for routing such as stairs, changes in levels, etc are...
  17. Re: Forum Nokia LBS Code Camp on 29 February 2008

    One of the misconceptions in our business is that NAVTEQ produces maps... in fact, we produce something far more interesting than maps, which is geo-data... for sure, geo-data can be used to produce...
  18. Re: Forum Nokia LBS Code Camp on 29 February 2008


    You are absolutely right that Social Networking products are the wave of the future. In the recently concluded European LBS Challenge, 70% of the entrants were in the social networking...
  19. Re: Forum Nokia LBS Code Camp on 29 February 2008


    Ejaz seems to be having problems still. My name is Mike Moore and I work with Ejaz. I have worked in the IT industry for over 20 years with technical experience in both operating system and...
  20. Re: Questions for Realtime Fishing LBS Contents Nokia Mobile, I&IWorld Korea

    The question of "how" in this context is where you will make your money! ;-)

    The most obvious solution (at least, to me) in this context is to leave them as separate entities. Presumably, you...
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