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  1. Re: Application startup fails in N72, static initialization is to blame ?


    Thank you for your reply. And "not initialize in startApp" is really new thing for me :D . The problem is when I start the application, there is a flicker and the application goes dead.

  2. Application startup fails in N72, static initialization is to blame ?


    I wrote the following small code . It compiles an works fine in wtk emulator. But it just does not run in N72.

    Then I tried to remove the static final fields one by one .. I did not...
  3. Re: socket connection breaks after some time

    Hi, My problem is solved .. It was native UTF-8 implementation problem. Please refer to http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/forum/showthread.php?t=76814 thread .
  4. Re: socket connection breaks after some time


    Let me elaborate the issue ..

    I am trying with http://miniim.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/miniim/trunk/src/main/java/net/ayaslive/miniim/plugins/xmpp/XMPPIMProtocol.java?view=markup
  5. Re: socket connection breaks after some time


    I have the same problem. I have connected to the socket successfully. But when I want to send/receive data it fails. Is there any work around of this problem ?

    My code is here ..
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    Re: exeption while using JSR82


    I have the same problem .. I am using WTK 2.5.2 and it is the same NullPointerException at com.sun.kvem.jsr082.bluetooth.DataL2CAPReaderWriter.<init>(+41).

    Unfortunately this exception...
  7. Re: Thumbnail of JPEG image for J2me application.


    I was looking for the same thing ..
    May be you can try the code here ..

    -- Thanks
    Kamanashis Roy
  8. Sticky: Re: Questionnaire about RDA devices / firmware versions


    Anyone tried to use rda from linux ? After I start the application and try to reserve a device, I am getting "cannot run program rundll32" . I opened the java console,
    I found a log like,...
  9. Re: How to display HTML from within my J2ME/MIDP MIDlet?


    Currently there are libraries to display svg. I think it would be nice to convert the sgml or html document to svg so that it can be displayed in the mobile devices.

    Again, are you...
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    Re: capture amr in 3230

    hi Hartti,

    Thanks for reply.

    Now, I have found audio recording in 3230 is supported according to the audio/vedio capability table in,...
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    capture amr in 3230


    I am new in J2me. I am interested in the advanced features in my s60 mobile(model 3230). I am trying to capture audio in amr encoding. I read the related topics and wrote the following...
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