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    N97 accelerometer unit of measurement

    Does anybody know what unit of measurement the N97 reports acceleration data in? I use this from Python and it would appear 1G = 60 in whatever unit of measurement is used. Since Python is merely a...
  2. Python N97 accelerometer unit of measurement

    Does anyone know what unit of measurement Python reports N97 accelerometer data in?

    When the phone is at rest on one of its edges, it appears 1 acceleration axis reports a value of 60 while the...
  3. Getting foreground events from background application

    In Symbian C++, it appears it is possible to get foreground events from a background application using CFgrObserver . Is there an equivalent in Python? Unlike the keycapturer module, Python canvas...
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    Re: S60 Device Connectivity Tools Problem

    I am having the same problem with my Nokia N97 (I think I also had it previously on my N95 8gb). The most frustrating thing is that sometimes it will connect and other times not. At one stage, it...
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    bug in sensorfw.py?

    While attempting to use the set_properties method of the accelerometer double tap sensor, I get the following error in sensorfw.py line 399: NameError: global name 'DblTapThresholdValue' is not...
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    accelerometer double tap properties

    I've been trying to figure out the accelerometer double tap sensor channel. Various properties are available to customize thresholds, to quote the documentation:

  7. Re: accessing camera and volume keys on N97 in python

    Yes, that's right. Not looking to take photos, but rather looking to use the multimedia keys for other purposes. Thanks for the info.
  8. accessing camera and volume keys on N97 in python


    Is it possible to access the camera and/or volume buttons on the n97 using Python? Using the KeyCapturer object, these key events do not seem to register. Is there another way to access these...
  9. accessing camera, volume button key events on N97

    I would like it to be possible for the user to press a button with the keyboard slid shut on the N97. However, all the available buttons (volume and camera buttons) do not seem to generate key events...
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    Re: Not getting event for N97 key

    I've noticed this myself too. The action/fire key seems to be reserved for popping up the menu. I seem to remember (I could be wrong, I experimented with this a while ago) that if you don't have any...
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    home screen causes application freeze

    I am working on a midlet that is very processor-intensive, running on a Nokia n97. I noticed that it would intermittently freeze (for a few seconds at a time). Using the on-device debugging, I see...
  12. TCP/IP streaming of data to midlet not working

    I am attempting to stream accelerometer data from a Python script to a Java midlet via a socket connection on a Nokia N97, using the following code. Unfortunately, this code (which previously worked...
  13. Re: Midlets run very slowly on firmware v21 on N97

    Thanks for replying.

    I eventually solved the problem late last night by formatting the mass memory and then doing another hard reset. I have done firmware updates before without this problem...
  14. Midlets run very slowly on firmware v21 on N97

    I updated the firmware on my N97 to v21 yesterday, and also performed a hard reset using *#7370# to free up phone memory. Since then, most applications run without a problem. However, Java Midlets,...
  15. Re: 60 5.0 JSR259 Sensor API VM implmentation problem

    As regards your problem two, I encountered something similar on the N97 with firmware version 20, as mentioned in this thread:
  16. Re: E71 Application Not Supported for Hello World

    Hi there,

    There's a good chance you have the same problem as mentioned in this thread yesterday:

    If you want to see which...
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    Re: midlet not working on N95

    If I was to guess, you probably just had an API included which the N95 doesn't support. N95 supports MIDP 2.0, but not all of the latest APIs (Mobile Sensor API, for example). If you use the SDK...
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    Re: midlet not working on N95

    Which SDK did you compile it with? N95 definitely supports MIDP 2.0.
  19. Accessing accelerometer data gradually increases CPU load

    I have an application which gets input from the accelerometer on the N97 using the Mobile Sensor API. This input is used to control the application. However, I noticed that the frame rate dropped the...
  20. HttpConnection doesn't work when midlet restarted

    I have an application which uses an HttpConnection. It's running on a Nokia N95 8gb. Everything works fine and the connection can be closed and opened several times and data successfully downloaded....
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    Verisign or Thawte


    I'm trying to decide whether to buy a Verisign code signing certificate or a Thawte one. I need to sign MIDlets for the following devices:

    6110 Navigator
    N95 8GB

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    Re: Why charge 50 Euros

    I guess our definition of a quality soccer ball differs :). My apologies for being a little melodramatic. I must confess I didn't know about the $99 fee on the Apple store. I'm sick of hearing about...
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    Re: Why charge 50 Euros

    Firstly, wherever you shop for soccer balls, you're getting ripped off.

    Secondly, surely the rather significant expense of getting applications signed and paying for a publisher ID is significant...
  24. Re: N97 access compass using Orientation.getOrientation()

    If the sample application doesn't work, then perhaps there is a firmware issue. The compass is a bit of a strange thing to use because of the calibration step that seems to be required (I read about...
  25. Re: N97 access compass using Orientation.getOrientation()

    Firstly, let me just say I don't think you should worry too much about the other thread you cited. That person was trying to use the Orientation class on a device which did not support the...
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