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  1. Re: How to change the position of the clock

    No, You cant change the position of the clock via carbide..
    How ever you may integrate new clock there if you use a .swf file as wallpaper.
  2. Re: S40 Developer Platform 2.0 (Full Touch UI) theme plug-in available

    Hi Carbide team,
    Here are some issues according to me....
    1. We are unable to change icons in current plugin (in all views like
    grid, list or single.)
    2.Unable to change Pop-Up list...
  3. Re: S40 Developer Platform 2.0 (Full Touch UI) theme plug-in available

    If Carbide team is listening us.
    Then I have a request we need another Full-featuring Plug-in for Asha full touch series phone.. Because the current Plug-in have so many issues..
    The most...
  4. Re: S40 Developer Platform 2.0 (Full Touch UI) theme plug-in available

    Seems like there is no icon changing option in this plug In.
    Please confirm this.
    And I want to change icons for this platform too...So what to do for that.
    Thanks and My Best Regard.
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    [moved] Emulator Not Working?????

    I Have installed the Series_40_6th_Edition_SDK_v1_0_en[0] On my laptop with os windows 7 home basic.
    But when I am launching the Emulator following error comes out:

    "The program can't start...
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    Re: I can't find plugin for my x2-01

    For X2-01 C3 plug in is OK..
  7. Re: Could I create a Video Player to play rtmp link streaming on S40 ?

    I think "NO" But i m not sure.
  8. Re: Problems with Carbide.ui 4.3 on Windows XP Professional

    I think Its not installed properly, kindly uninstall it and install it properly, then try.
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    Re: sign theme in carbide ui

    You can put their any name according to your interest.
  10. Re: I need help!About Carbide_ui_Symbian_Theme_Edition_Setup_v4_3_en

    I think It may be problem of wrong packaging , kindly package them in a properway, and also check the size of the theme.
  11. Re: I need help!About Carbide_ui_Symbian_Theme_Edition_Setup_v4_3_en

    I think there may be packaging problem by you . Kindly package this in proper way.
  12. Thread: help!

    by narendrakumar987

    Re: help!

    Its carbide V4.3 is best . But If you want then you can try Carbide symbian theme edition 3.4.
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    About device for testing purpose?

    Is their any plan for Individual developers to get nokia devices at discounted price.? And also wanted to know about eligibility criteria for that.
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    Re: c3/x2-01 proper theme softwear

    Search for Carbide S40 theme edition., It is the best application software for making themes for series 40 os or for C3.
  15. Re: Cannot run Carbide.UI Symbian Theme Edition 4.3

    It's very simple Just Right click and Run the programme as administrator . That's all.
  16. Re: Carbide S40 Theme Edition 6.0 Idle Flash

    Its not a problem dear! Just do your work . It will work well on the mobile . Yeah We can't see the flash file properly in the carbide s40 theme edition. But It works fine on the mobile. So be sure !...
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    Re: .nfl skins for player and radio

    I have seen some .nfl theme skins . and Many are using them in their themes.
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