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  1. NOKIA, Sim ToolKit Class for Nokia 3410 URGENT RESPONSE REQUIRED!!!!

    I have a problem with my nokia 3410...i bought a sim card for roaming worlwide and i can use it my phone but i cant send text messages from the phone menu because it has an extras menu on the sim...
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    Re: My One month old FAULTY 3410

    I am also a Nokia 3410 user and had that problem but i kept rebooting the phone using *4720# or *3370#. U can also try restarting the game by pressin the * to go into the game menu and select restart...
  3. NOKIA!!!, I Have a question about the Sim tool kit class on the 3410?

    Is it possible to find out the sim tool kit class or version from a 3410.If u can pls tell me how to do it. Or help me find out. I would appreciate any help from u guys. i'm open for any suggestions...
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    Sim Toolkit Version on 3410

    I was hoping if anyone out there can help me find out which version of simtool kit the 3410 has? I have a problem and i'm trying to use a sim card that needs sim toolikt version 2 or sim toolkit ver...
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    Sim tool kit on 3410...

    hi my name is sacha and i am a 3410 user and i have recently purchased a sim card that works on a sim toolkit enabled phone and the sim toolkit that the sim card needs for the extra features needed...
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    RE: Timers on 3410

    Hi there i am user of 3410 and have not seen any problems yet. But i can suggest u get a software upgrade from your nearest nokia dealer. This is i think will sort out your problem. Let me know if it...
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    3410 simtoolkit

    Can anyone out there help me. Please if u can. Is there anyone out there that knows which version of sim toolkit the 3410 has? I have a problem coz there is a sim card that i have needs sim toolkit...
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