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    Re: S40 Theme studio still available?

    We pulled the product from the website to focus all download traffic on the new product; Our assumption was that Win2000 was such an old version of Windows that no one was using it anymore (Which was...
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    Re: Transparent Thin Status Pane?

    It may be easier to just do the transparency effect in Photoshop: Take the background image, crop until you have a picture the size (and from the location) of the status pane. Apply any effects (e.g....
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    Carbide.ui Beta Program

    Hi There,

    We have begun our beta program for Carbide.ui 3.2 and invite you to participate. Although we require that you actually use the product and provide constructive feedback, in exchange you...
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    Re: test case manager tool

    I haven't used it for a lot, and not at all for test case management, so I'm not sure this will help but there's a relatively inexpensive tool called Fogbugz that looks like it could be useful. It...
  5. Re: i want to package some tools from SDK with my app


    These are Symbian SW packages, and licensing is managed by them. Let's see if I can find some more info for you...

  6. Re: component class creation, your opinion wanted

    OK, so here's the final list of possible components:

    - Bluetooth connection (discovery, selection, handshake, exit; Includes required UI elements
    - View mobile configuration (Find out...
  7. Re: component class creation, your opinion wanted

    Babk, what exactly do you mean? Please be more specific in what you want.

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    CodeWarrior user feedback

    The Nokia gang that develops CodeWarrior and the new Carbide.c++ development tools want to hear what you think of their tool, so that they can improve it. If you use or have used CodeWarrior, please...
  9. CodeWarrior 3.0

    The trial edition download for the 3.0 product is now available, at www.forum.nokia.com/codewarrior. Note that you only have to download one file -- either the OEM or Professional edition trial can...
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