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  1. Bluetooth image exchange fragmented with S60 and not with S40 phones!!!


    I have a client connecting to a server over 'rfcomm' and receiving an image from the server of about 50KB. This is how I send the image from the server:

    DataOutputStream dOut = new...
  2. Re: Error when sending an image over BT OBEX

    Ha traud,
    I have tryed to include avetana BT into our code, but I am not able to make it work, not even the OBEX test of the library. It compiles, but crashes at runtime (ClassCastException at the...
  3. Error when sending an image over BT OBEX

    Hello all,
    we are implementing a client/server application where an image file is exchanged over Bluetooth/OBEX.
    When running the application in the wireless toolkit, everything works fine....
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    Problem in retrieving HeaderSet

    Hello everybody,

    I have a simple obex data exchange and I am trying to send some headers from the client to the server while having a 'put' connection.

    This is the code on the client side:

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    BT OBEX doGet-onGet problem

    Hello everybody,

    starting from the BCExchanger example, we are trying to receive transparently a String Object instead of a BC selected by the user, through a simple OBEX client-server connection....
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    Ad-hoc networking on WiFi for S60 phones.

    Hello everybody,

    I have to develop a wireless ad-hoc network with s60 phones (I have 2 E65). I have seen that there is this code available that looks pretty simple at a first glance, though it was...
  7. Wireless ad hoc networking for S60 Phones and JSR259

    Hello everybody,

    I have to develop an ad-hoc wireless networking application for S60 phones (I have 2 E65 phones...). Which could be the best way to develop it? Would it be possible using J2ME? ...
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    Ad-hoc networking with s60 phones

    Hello everyone!

    I would like to know if it is possible to set up a Wi-Fi ad-hoc connection among 2 s60 phones. In particular I have 2 E65 phones. On the E65 manual there are few references on...
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