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  1. https links load slower than normal links...

    hi all,

    please advise if possible.

    currently, i'm facing certain difficulties to access https pages on certain nokia phones.

    Models encountering problems: E63, E71 (page loads at very slow...
  2. Transfering image from mobile to pc - connector problem

    hi all

    i am trying to send a picture from my mobile to my pc via bluetooth
    my midlet finds the picture and discover the pc

    my problem is i cannot connect to a particular service

    each time i...
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    Re: sending a snapshot array byte to server

    hello, thanks for your reply

    i have no experience with payload, i am currently searching for some material on it, to try what you just said...

    if u have any links or materials on this please...
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    sending a snapshot array byte to server

    hi all

    I am trying to send a snapshot array byte from a MIDlet to a pc. My problem is that i cannot receive the array byte completely.

    my shapshot is taken using this code:

    byte[] image =...
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