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    S60第三版模拟器 如何导入证书?

    我是用S60 3th SDK emulator。在安装完communicator,登陆后系统提示我。"McxAsyncDataChannel:run.java.lang.SecurityExceptionSigning out and exiting the Communicator Mobile."
    我想知道如何导入正确的证书? 在真机上也是这样。S60系统的证书是什么格式的? 如何取得?...
  2. Re: Certificate error, when i install signed MIDP application on S60 3rd emulator

    hi, sdg2010, i have this problem also, and i have saw the solution that r2j7 had said. But my communicator can not work. I need the help, I want to know how to install the certificate into the...
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