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    Re: Logging Qt application/library errors

    And not likely to be, since Nokia's interests are elsewhere.
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    Re: Nokia QT Symbian^3:Unzip Zip Archive

    Actually, writing your own unzip routine is quite doable. The spec is here, and you'd likely want to use the gzip compression algorithms.
  3. Re: section .rodata [00109a80 -> 0066b807] overlaps section .data [00400000 -> 004000

    Note that the actual numbers used in the two LFLAGS statements need to be adjusted based on the specific messages you were getting.

    (And there was, 6-12 months back, a rumor that the latest...
  4. Re: QString the real store bytes count Q?

    Does that even compile? data_ptr is not a method of QString.

    You can use QString::data to get the address of the actual characters, but it returns a QChar (16-bit) array, not a char (8-bit)...
  5. Re: does any nokia phone support commandprompt?

    ok so if my program calls command prompt as an exrenal process, so will bash be automatically called in a maemo phone, like cmd opens in desktop, if i use qprocess("cmd",exe)

    I doubt it, since...
  6. Thread: QMutex

    by danhicksbyron

    Re: QMutex

    That's the basic idea. You need to be careful, though, if you get to having more than one mutex or anything else "fancy". It's pretty easy to get yourself (and the code) very confused.
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    Re: Nokia QT Symbian^3:Unzip Zip Archive

    What you want to know is how to interoperate between Qt and Symbian C++. It's done all the time, but can be messy at times. There is some good information here.
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    Re: how to compress zip a folder?

    Do you want to do this on the phone, or on your development PC?

    On the phone you'd have to find zip support somewhere. I'm not confident that there's anything embedded in Symbian, so you'd likely...
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    Re: problem in code

    That last bit of code in nonsense.

    Try moving the connect ahead of the start.
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    Re: problem in code

    You're connecting to the process after you start it. Some data may be falling on the floor.

    Try doing setProcessChannelMode(QProcess::MergedChannels) so that standard error is merged with the...
  11. Re: Problem using QXmlStreamReader to parse html tag

    Fully compliant HTML can be parsed with an XML parser (with possibly a few exceptions). But probably less than 5% of the HTML out on the web is even moderately compliant. (So I suppose your...
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    Re: qjson usage on symbian device

    Are you sure you have a version of the lib compiled for your device? Any link errors?
  13. Re: kindly tell the qt statement for this

    How would you do it (ping) on the command line??

    (BTW, "dir" is not a "directory change" command.)
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    Re: access denied using qprocess

    Have you perchance tried looking at the build console log?
  15. Re: this code isnt displaying the required text in the text field

  16. Re: Symbian^3 virtual kbd vs multiline QTexEdit/QPlainTextEdit

    This is a well-known problem. You must make the widget smaller than the screen in both directions for it to auto-resize correctly.
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    Re: How To Initialize The QImage Array

    QImage Images[] is not "legal" unless you provide an initialization expression (and I'm not sure how you'd do one for an array of images), since you must specify an array size when defining an array...
  18. Re: How to read network reply which contains Unicode?

    It may be that the data is not UTF16, but something else -- UTF8 or one of the Oriental ASCII code pages with the Chinese "escaped". You need to figure out what code page it is and translate to...
  19. Re: How to read network reply which contains Unicode?

    fromLocal8Bit will not read UTF16 -- it will garble it, as it will garble UTF8. If you indeed have UTF16 (16-bit UNICODE) you need to use fromUtf16 or fromRawData.

    The internal representation of...
  20. Re: How to read network reply which contains Unicode?

    I believe you would use QString::fromRawData((const QChar*) byteArray.constData(), length).

    [Correction: Use fromUtf16, since fromRawData doesn't copy the data, but rather points at the data from...
  21. Re: How to read network reply which contains Unicode?

    Does the QByteArray contain Unicode (UTF16) or does it contain UTF8? For one you'd use fromRawData, for the other fromUtf8.
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    Re: SQLite and mass memory

    Exactly what I was about to suggest. ;)
  23. Re: Symbian^3 virtual kbd vs multiline QTexEdit/QPlainTextEdit

    Haven't tried it on 4.7 yet, but I know that on 4.6 the virtual keyboard is pretty much useless.
  24. Re: How right save text file from QTextEdit?

    Are you setting the code page the same for both reading and writing?
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    Re: Hide Softkeys

    Or learn how to use bitwise AND and OR.
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