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  1. Do Series 40 devices support AT commands for sending SMS ?

    I have a Nokia Slide 3600 and am trying to send SMS commands with the modem coneected with a cable.

    Most of the AT commands work and I can read a phone book OK. I seem to be able to send an SMS...
  2. USB Cable Modem works but not Bluetooth modem ?

    I am using AT commands to control a Nokia 3600 slide for sending SMS messages and controlling the phone. The modem has a virtual COM port on Windows XP with works fine when connected with a USB cable...
  3. How do you make calls and receive incoming call event with the PC API ?

    I an using the modem of my Nokia 3600 slide and AT commands to send and receive SMS and can dial the phone with ATD441273999999; and receive notification of incoming calls on the modem.

    I notice...
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