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  1. Re: How to send Toast Notification into the app integrated with toast notification S


    I understand that you want to send toast notifications after you published the app, right?
    Read this article and you will understand how to integrate them into your app:
  2. Re: Creating transitional animation for control buttons in "OnOrientationChanged"

    Hi Duke.Du,

    I just wrote an animation for you. All you need to do is to call this method when the orientation is changed. You must discover from code if it's landscape left or landscape right and...
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    Re: Can we share any files using ShareMediaTask?

    I will try, because I don't know for sure, but if you don't have too much information to send, you can create an image, and put the information into it's title :)
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    Re: Problem with IconicTileData


    First of all, look at the properties of the images, at Build Action. It should work both Content and Resource, but try with Content. And I hope that the image is located in the...
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