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    Carbide: UIQ and S60 builds from same bld?

    Seeing Carbide allows us to select both UIQ and S60 for the same code we assume there must be a way to do this....

    Problem: Majority of our code is shared between platforms. But we have some dlls...
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    This error may be a problem with having VC 6.0...

    This error may be a problem with having VC 6.0 installed on your machine. I have several machines and found that my laptop that I frequently reimage builds fine while my desktop didn't.

  3. I believe so but have no way of telling. I've...

    I believe so but have no way of telling. I've sent emails to various support addresses and have received zero feedback so it’s impossible to tell. I purchased this over a month ago.

    So if anyone...
  4. On device Debugging with P800/P910 and Codewarrior

    I am trying to get on device debugging to work with on both a P800 and a P910i. I am using CW 3.0 Professional.

    From searching the web I've tried the following.

    1. Compiling my own from code...
  5. Fixed!!


    You are correct! I followed instructions from Motorola for a new SDK and they had me add a device using.

    devices -add q: q: @Device:Motorola.com

    This was the problem. It seems that I...
  6. My Codewarrior Import Project wizard has disabled next button!

    Does anybody have any ideas why the "Next" button is disabled in my import mmp wizard?

    I have Symbian and Nokia as platform options and no matter what SDK I click the next button remains...
  7. How do you get tsupport for Codewarrior Professional?

    Can anyone tell me how to get support for a newly purchased copy of CodeWarrior Professional? I obtained the license file but now the support site asks for me to pay for support.

    Of course I...
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