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  1. Does Nokia 6600 support Streaming over TCP with RTP Data Interleaved over RTSP

    Does the Nokia 6600 support streaming video through TCP (interleaved RTP data in RTSP)?

    I don't see the phone trying to send 'rtp/tcp' as an option in SETUP. It always uses UDP.

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    Question on Concatenated PDUs with Nokia phone

    We are observing an issue with Nokia mobile (this may be a new model introduced recently into the market) wrt concatenated PDUs. Appreciate input on this.

    The total length received was 1021...
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    WSP PDU Type 0x81

    The specs indicate that it is reserved.

    Is this value now assigned for a new PDU type?
  4. This is the entire PDU. I am looking at the...

    This is the entire PDU.

    I am looking at the mobile traffic

    What I don't understand is why I see 10 82 80 10 90 80 after the 65 00 (last line)

    Should I not be seeing 8c 80?
  5. Why do some mobiles send WTP Packets with size greater than MTU

    I see packet sizes around 2200 bytes etc.

    I was under the impression that the WTP Packet size would not exceed MTU size
  6. We see this hapening with a nokia 3310

    We see this hapening with a nokia 3310
  7. How do I interpret the last 6 bytes of this WSP Message

    Hex Dump :
    0c 04 e1 12 60 1f 26 68 74 74 70 3a 2f 2f 31 38 32
    2e 31 38 2e 37 35 2e 31 30 30 3a 31 30 30 32 31 2f
    6d 6d 73 63 61 70 70 6c 69 63 61 74 69 6f 6e 2f 76
    6e 64 2e 77 61 70 2e 6d...
  8. Thread: MMS Over WAP

    by mneti

    MMS Over WAP

    When sending MMS over WAP, are the mobiles likely to use Connectionless WSP rather than Connection-Mode WSP?

    If Yes, what is the reason (advantages) for doing this? What are the issues faced in...
  9. Do IP Stacks in mobile phones support reassembly?

    Do IP Stacks in mobile phones support reassembly?
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    Is there a tool that generates MM1 messages

    I am developing an application that will analyze the MM1 messages between the MMS user agent on the mobile station and MMS Relay (via the WAP Gateway).

    Is there a tool which will generate thes MM1...
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    Nokia Developer Suite

    Which Developer Suite is sued for encapsulating content created using Adobe GoLive 6.0 into an MMS message?

    Is it Nokia Developer Suite for J2ME?

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    Nokia Developer Suite for MMS

    Section 6.3 of the document "How to create MMS Services" states that one can create content using Adobe GoLive,encapsulate the contnet into an MMS message and then send it to a server and that the...
  13. Ethereal Traces or tcpdumps or otherwise of MMS Messages

    Where can I get dumps of all the MMS messages which include the WTP and WSP Headers along with the MMS headers and data
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    Need information on Available MMSC

    We would like to get access to a MMSC/WAP Gateway for testing. What MMSCs are available for long-term testing (purchase, lease etc.)? Where can I get more details about Nokia MMSC and who should I...
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