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  1. Re: Cannot install j2me Midlet into remote device phone

    I can do it now. The input box of the Install Software is confusing and thus cause my wrong input.
  2. Cannot install j2me Midlet into remote device phone

    Dear All,

    In January this year, I still can install my j2me midlet into a remote device phone. Now I cannot . The remote device gives a message : Installation failed. Error while installing to...
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    java program cannot run on nokia 81


    We developed a java program which can be run on a Nokia n81 8GB. However we have expanded the program, and the same Nokia N81 8GB can run the program for a few time, then it cannot run the...
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    Nokia N7x cannot display Thai characters

    I am developing an application displaying Thai characters. It displays ok on Nokia 6620, E51, N82, but cannot display on Nokia N7x. Is something wrong with my application or Nokia N7x does not...
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