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  1. Re: how to take screenshots (programitically) in series80

    HI Wizard,

    thanks a lot. ... its working perfect...i could able to capture the image. Now i want to save it to a file. Do u have any idea how to do that?
  2. Re: how to take screenshots (programitically) in series80


    It is run time exception. it is compiling perfectly and i have initialised the bitmap also

    CFbsBitmap* offScreenBitmap = new (ELeave) CFbsBitmap();
  3. Re: how to take screenshots (programitically) in series80

    Iam using the same class what u have said but iam facing some coding problems.
    Iam sending small snippet of code kindly help me out

    CWsScreenDevice* iScreen = new (ELeave) CWsScreenDevice();...
  4. how to take screenshots (programitically) in series80

    Hi Guys,

    Is it possible to implement screenshot capture in series80. Is there any API's available??? I haven't seen any App that does the capturing of screenshots for communicator devices. We have...
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    i dint get u , what is meant by "put in telephony...

    i dint get u , what is meant by "put in telephony " i think it is ported into mobile. if u want to port into mobile means u need to port sis file not the app file.

    do the following procedue
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    hi , u can find in the location ...

    hi ,

    u can find in the location

    ( this is for series60 , symbian os 7 )
  7. is it possible to save "form" using database ?

    I need some help regarding the form. iam going to implement a application which it requires a form kind of thing. actually it is like a creating a profile for a user for dating...
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    how to send sms using bluetooth


    i would like to know the procedure for sending sms using bluetooth. iam very much new to this area. i had been working on other areas in symbian. kindly let me know which API are required and...
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    how to implement username and password

    Hi ,

    kindly provide me the information regarding " how to implement username and password edit boxes" after providing the username and password it has to send the details to a predefined url. i...
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    strange problem with editor box

    HI Gurus,

    I had written a code such that it has to display a list of editor boxes in single view (window). In my code i had given 4 editor boxes and its compiling and building but when run the...
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    how to add picture to the profile

    Hi guys,

    Iam working on developing profiles application and in which i would like to add user picture for my profile application. is there any API which will provide this facility.

    its should...
  12. whic version of symbian is required for bluetooth application development

    HI, Iam working on symbain but iam new to bluetooth technology and i would like to know which version of symbian is good to work with. Iam trying to run some bluetooth example applications from...
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