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  1. smpp simulator: how to check connection reset ?

    Im using the smpp simulator tht comes with the Logica smpp api as a virtual smsc. The simulator is not able to detect any connection resets, whn a smpp client disconnects abrupty without...
  2. How to send sms in a language other than english


    Im using Logica SMPP api. Im able to send plain english messages with default data coding as "0"
    Now if i want to send sms in other language such as hindi or chinese, what are the different...
  3. concated sms received as separate short messages


    Im trying to send a long message as a series of short messages.
    I have created the UDH and appended the same with the message text and set it to the short message field of Submit SM PDU.....
  4. How to send a delivery receipt in logica SMPP


    Im using Logica SMPP simulator for testing purpose. Im sending a message from the client to the server thro' SUBMIT_SM PDU. Now i want a response from the server in the form of a Deliver_SM....
  5. submit_sm in smpp logica simulator


    Im new to sms technology. I downloaded smpp logica simulator and ran thro' the test application and the simulator. I was able to walkthro' till SUBMIT_SM PDU. I want to know if DELIVER_SM and...
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