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    encoding of image size on mms header

    I have a jpeg image let's say size of 666 bytes. How do I encode it in mms multipart message header?

    My trial is: 84 a3 01 01 85 9a 9e ff ...
    01: only one part in message
    01: multipart header...
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    from-value format problem

    I have a problem with a short number (like 12345) in from-field. I put it in http header like this: x-nokia-mmsc-from: 12345/TYPE=PLMN and in mms part I encode it like this (in hex): 89 11 80 31 32...
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    RE: No Content Response Code 204

    I think the code 204 means that there is no content in the answer rather than in the request. If you send your message to the EAIF Emulator and click "Message details", you'll see in "No....
  4. RE: Encoding of the M-send.Req by the MMS EAIF Emulator

    Q1: For some reason, you should add 0x80 to WAPWSP codes to get codes accepted by EAIF Emulator.
  5. EAIF Emulator question and Content-type encoding

    1. Can MMSC EAIF Emulator show received multipart entries in originating application mode? It seems that it can show details only of the header.

    2. How do I encode MMS Content-type header?...
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