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  1. bitrate ??? how do i set bitrate in CMdaAudioRecorderUtility??

    hi guys i need help here,
    the audio file that i record in in these properties

    Bitrate = 128kbps
    Audio sample size = 8 bit
    channels = 1 (mono)
    Audio Sample rate =8khz
    audio format = PCM
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    mini answering machine

    hi guys , i need some help here , some guides and opinion for doing a simple answering machine in s60.how do i go abt these ...
    what i know is that the app must always works on the background when...
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    question on recording in symbian ..

    i got a question here over recording a sound in symbian.i'm using 6600 as a testbed.I have tried the sound example provided by nokia.the question is i want to implement a timer for the recording .Let...
  4. basic listbox question guides and tips please

    i have created and able to populate data into the listbox.. the question for now is the API enable me to do custom design for FONTS inside the listbox and changing the LISTBOX color ..
  5. how do i set up the emulator to connect to the internet

    hi guys ,
    i need some help here,i have already installed the ethernet plugin for series 60 plugins which enable to connect to the internet.
    i did try out the emulator ,using...
  6. CContactDatabase [problem when executing the program on real device !!!!!!!!!!]

    hi guy ,i need help again .Let me tell you what problem i'm facing .
    I create a program that open up a contact database which will load all the contact name into the listbox.It works fine in the...
  7. Thanks Sten for your help and advice. i manage to...

    Thanks Sten for your help and advice. i manage to solve it
  8. hi there thanks for your reply .. i did try to...

    hi there thanks for your reply .. i did try to use MEikListBoxObserver it seems there is 2 error that comes out

    1) illegeal use of abstract class
    2) illegal implicit conversion from...
  9. CEikTextListBox event handling .. need help

    hi guy's i'm back again ... i need help here ... i want to have a event handling for the list box..I'm using CEikTextListBox .Is there any available source code that i can have a look as a reference...
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    HELP needed refreshing problem

    hi guys .. i need help here .. i got a refresh problem here ... i manage to populate a contactlist from contact database to the list box.The main problem is that i only want it to be display out when...
  11. CContactDatabase problem in populating it to the listbox !!!!

    hi there all !!! i reall needs some help here ... been trying to figure out how to grab the contacts and display it out into the listbox.Is there any other way that you guys guys can pinpoint me...
  12. CContactDatabase !!!! retrieving info from the contact database need help !!!!

    hi there, i need help here ... i'm trying to get some of the details from the contact database in a phone such as name and phone num.Is there any available sample source code that i can have a look...
  13. BT point to point example cant work in 7650 and N'GAGE

    hi there,
    i really need help here ,the BT point to point cant be install in 7650 and N-GAGE .It stated system error.The weird part is that it can be install in the 6600 .I did modify the .pkg file...
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