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  1. Re: Unity Plugin for Nokia In-App Payment

    Nice. Can't wait for it :)
  2. Unity Plugin for Nokia In-App Payment


    Is there any Unity plugin for Nokia In-App Payment?
    I have searched it through internet but most of them only provide for Google In-App Billing.
    The best free plugin for IAB is openIAB...
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    Re: J2ME Support in X ?


    I have tried j2ab before, so it is an adapter for your J2ME code.
    Just share my experience.
    However, there is a problem for its performance and you can see a little flicker on screen.
  4. Re: Congratulations to Sébastien Lachance, September 2012 Wiki Contributor of the Mon

    Congratulations Sébastien! You deserved it :)
  5. Re: Can I implement matlab code in mobile??


    Maybe you can try FnattLabME.
  6. Re: Integrate facebook with application

    Hi Randoo23,

    I think you can use this library, Facebook API ME.
    I hope it can help you.
  7. Re: [Help] Tips & Tricks in Mobile Game Development

    Hi suhendrowansinaga,

    1. If you want to make a commercial game, I suggest you to find a game artist so both of you can collaborate to make a game with appealing art. Because of a great art, people...
  8. Re: How To Extract Text From Html Web page in j2me Midlet(java)

    You can use this query to get all of the body section of your page:

    The result of this query can be called from this REST link.
    If you just want to get some parts of that link, you can use...
  9. Re: How To Extract Text From Html Web page in j2me Midlet(java)

    I suggest you to do data scraping using YQL.
    And then, you can call the query using public REST query from: http://query.yahooapis.com/v1/public/yql?q=
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    Re: 2D Game


    Do you mean that you want your game to be preloaded to upcoming Nokia phones?
    If you want to do so, you need to contact your Nokia local office.

  11. Re: Can Symbian Belle or Anna OS can be converted to windows OS

    It's not recommended to change your OS from Symbian to Windows Phone. However, maybe someone outside there can do flashing ilegally like that.
    If you wanted to port your application from Qt to...
  12. Re: Render HTML content in my s40 java me app

    I have a suggestion for you to use Fire-J2ME.
    I hope it can solve your problem.

  13. Re: How to create own web browser in j2me for nokia

    Perhaps you can try Fire-J2ME.

  14. Re: Fastest draw operation and logic for Game engine

    Because the processor speed of the mobile devices varies, perhaps your game will run smoothly in Nokia C3-00 or the latest phone.

    For your question:
    1. In my opinion, the speed of those 2 methods...
  15. Re: Developing Landscape Game on Nokia Asha 303

    That's right,

    First you need to decide the supported orientation for your game, i.e: Landscape
    Then, you need to transform all of the sprite manually by using this transformation function like
  16. Re: Publish multiple jad/jars for different resolutions for single app to Nokia ovi S


    Please take a look those 2 articles:
    - http://www.developer.nokia.com/Resources/Library/Java/working-with-midlets/development-process-overview/packaging-midlets/jad-files.html
  17. Re: Publish multiple jad/jars for different resolutions for single app to Nokia ovi S


    You just need to make 1 content item with several content files.
    For example,
    - Content Item: "App1"
    1. Content Files 1: "App1For320x240"
    2. Content Files 2: "App1For240x320"
  18. Re: protecting java code from decompilation

    Perhaps, I suggest you to use Obfuscator as your minimal protection. So, in case someone decompile your code, they can't understand your code easily.
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    Re: HTTP Post method


    Perhaps you can try another alternative from Codeplex, MyToolkit.
  20. Re: Please suggest some Advertising SDK

    You're welcome sreerajvr. It's good to hear that your Microsoft Ad SDK works well.
  21. Re: how to plan for different versions, upgrades etc'.


    1. You can submit the two packages at the same time with one Content Item, but two Content Files which each of content file has different target devices.

    2. There is no naming convention,...
  22. Re: Please suggest some Advertising SDK

    Perhaps, you can try Inneractive Ad SDK for Windows Phone 7. You can register from here.

    It is very easy to be implemented, you just need to set some parameters and call this method

    // Display...
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