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    Re: Installing Root Certificate

    The way to put your certificate in your s40 phone...

    By using "oxycube" software, then go to TOOL click show hidden file in oxycube, then go to file manager, and open HIDDENFILES folder, then open...
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    Re: .nfl skins for player and radio

    sorry you can't make the music player skins, only nokia can make it!!!!
    yeah i know that the skin format is (.swf) for old nokia s40 5th edition such as 5610xm, 5310xm, 6500c
    (.nfl) for new...
  3. Re: Nokia 6301 Music Player skin unable to change

    by using oxycube or mobiMB, you can add theme for music player and radio for ur phone, but you need the themes first, you can't make it, only nokia can make those themes..

    You can take music...
  4. Re: Nokia 6301 Music Player skin unable to change

    you can't make theme for music player & FM radio by using carbide because the extension isn't .NTH but .SWF
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