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  1. Open signed online Signing issue

    Hi everyone,
    I'm not able to sign my symbian application using symbian Open Signed Online. My unsigned sis file size is 64k.
    Whenever i tried to sign my unsigned sis file, i'm getting error as...
  2. Re: Symbian Signing Issue

    Thanks skumar.
    But i'm facing this issue from yesterday onwards.

    In symbian signed website itself they mentioned
    "We will be doing some web site maintenance today so there be about 10 minutes...
  3. Re: Open Signing - Mail not received

    I am also facing the same issue from yesterday onwards.
    Please help me if anyone find solution.

  4. [moved] Symbian Signing Issue

    I"m trying to sign my location based application for testing purpose using Open Signed Online (symbian signing). When i tried to sign my application, i got the "open signed confirmation mail" from...
  5. widsets SDK launch - Server responsed: 302 Found

    Dear All,

    i downloaded the widset SDK from http://www.forum.nokia.com/info/sw.nokia.com/id/cd2ffd46-c512-4725-80e5-c37a8795dc0a/WidSets_SDK_v3_1_0_en.zip.html.
    extract the zip into local drive....
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