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    Re: Nokia Remote Compiler Command Line

    Due to the experimental nature of the Remote compiler and the need to login using FN user details this cannot be done on Ubuntu command line.

    Why dont you use the post compile functions to...
  2. Amazon Kindle app for Nokia phones. Symbian users petition Amazon for a Kindle app

    Need everyone help here. In the UK Amazon is heavily advertising the Android,Blackberry,IPhone,iPad.

    We need every developer who is interested in keeping Nokia Smartphones and Symbian at the...
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    Re: We should all thank Ron IMHO

    Ron is doing a great job for all of us. We the Wiki administration team still get our inspiration from Ron
    Thanks again
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    Re: Java API Bluetooth RFCOMM

    I think you need to try the example on the Wiki and get them working first
    Bluetooth Chat HelloWorld

    and if that does not work try the more simpler OBEX example

    Creating a Bluetooth...
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    Re: Qt Creator giving error

    Yes its a bit obscure you a missing a library call which probably does not exist
    make sure the library is linked in the .pro CONFIG line by declaring the library.
    When Qt creator builds go the to...
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    Re: QT with Carbide V2.3.0 at Nokia N8

    Phone Release (GCCE) [Nokia_Symbian3_SDK_v0.9]

    Ovi Suite 2.2 needs loading and probably might need to load PC Suite 7.3 onward

    You need Qt 4.6.3 or load the Qt 4.7 update to the N8 and Load the...
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    Re: OpenGL ES2 config madness

    Hi Marcel,
    The problem I have encountered once I had this working on my N900 using Maemo I found that you have to create OpenGL ES 2.0 Shaders. People will not be able to go from ES 1.0 to ES 2.0...
  8. Re: General OS-related error when run on device from within QT creator

    You need App Trak Symbian ^3 loaded to allow debug on the N8. "Symbian^3_app_trk_3_2_7.sis"
    You must upgrade to at least Nokia Qt SDK 1.0.1 to get this file.
    One the app is manually installed you...
  9. Re: Don't see cpp source files under project at Qt Designer

    NetBeans holds a container for all types of file and generates implicit .cpp.
    Qt Designer uses an XML file with the extension project.ui.

    The project.ui is processed by the uic.exe the ui...
  10. Re: Don't see cpp source files under project at Qt Designer

    Hi, Welcome to Forum Nokia Discussions
    NetBeans generates in a similar way as Nokia Qt SDKdoes. NetBeans is Java Qt 4.7.1 C++.
    When you start select an example like the Calculator or another form...
  11. Re: How to change Symbian app name and version in Qt Creator?

    Unfortunately "spaces" in all Nokia or Symbian SDK, are not allowed, spaces cause chaos.
    "C:\Program Files" being one of the worst problems.
    The seems from around the 1990's when a "space"...
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    Re: Segmentation Fault?

    There does appear to be problem which is the Qt forum.

    There are lots of results in the QTBUG list, and this is...
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    Re: Segmentation Fault?

    Vs 2010 is not supported only VS2008,VS2005. simply configured "-platform win32-msvc2008".
    So it would appear that you now have vs2010 dll mixed in with prior versions
    There is a similar...
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    Re: Remote compiler through proxy

    Hi Martin,
    I have looked at this. The remote compiler is additional experimental beta software and is therefore not fully integrated,. The only thing you can do is make a request for added...
  15. Re: need help to find Simulator in QT Creator

    Hi there is only a standalone kit Qt 4.7.1 with Symbian.This is *NOT* Nokia Qt SDK

    Did you download nokia sdk 1.0.2
    This is currently 4.7.0 (3-Nov-10) I assume you have downloaded.

    If you...
  16. Re: Error building: File has modification time in the future

    When files were created under DOS and FAT *NOT* NTFS and the file is OPEN for writing the creation date is in the future this allows primitive file locking for instance Notepad can read an open for...
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    Re: Cannot run nokiaqtsdkinstaller on Mac

    Please check the image that has been downloaded some corruption has take place.
    SHA1 checksums
    The following are the SHA1 checksum values for the Nokia Qt SDK downloads:

    * Mac installer —...
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    Re: AppTrk for N8/Symbian^3

    Thats different mine is "Symbian^3_app_trk_3_2_7.sisx".
    I found mine in "C:\NokiaQtSDK\Symbian\sis" *AFTER* I had updated my SDK from
    1.0.0 to 1.0.1 and they are still there after update to 1.0.2...
  19. Re: Can't get Qt for Symbian 4.7.1 working with Nokia Qt SDK

    the warning is due to directories that do next exist,unfortunately the patch was not accpted
    so here as a post SYSTEMINCLUDE errors in Qt SDK 1.0 in Qt 4.6.3

    and to fix the problem of no rvct...
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    Re: VNC for devices and pc

    USB Cable HQ shielded aka DKE-2 is two feet, but could be 1 metre 3feet. USB2 is about 2feet and USB1 (25% speed USB2) is about 6feet (2 metres). Be careful with cables as they are *NOT* equal,...
  21. Re: QT 4.7 / QT 4.6 inconsistency in Nokia QT SDK

    The simulator is written is 4.7 and you select the Qt version 4.6or 4.7 and any SDK that you want to specifically have. Qt 4.6 and Qt 4.7 are almost identical in the simulator.

    Cannot see where...
  22. Re: answer:How to make a Qt app without code Wiki Featured Video

    Yes I suppose this could be more specific no need to have "handwritten" rather than generated code!.

    The code like may IDE is automatically generated the Signal and Event code are automatically...
  23. answer:How to make a Qt app without code Wiki Featured Video

    Over the past months the Wiki Administration team has seen posts from developers using other GUI development systems such as Microsoft Visual Studio and Adobe CS.

    These people have expressed...
  24. Re: Nokia Qt SDK compile problems on 1.0.2 for Mac

    I can only refer you to a thread where a user was successful on a Mac http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/forum/showthread.php?205616-Error-message-when-install-Nokia-Qt-SDK-on-Mac-OS-X

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    Re: nokia qt sdk 1.02

    The Qt Creator will detect sbsv2 on Symbian ^3 however I use RVCT 4.0 community edition from ARM.com, because thats what generates the Symbian libraries.
    Further the developer.symbian.com has lots...
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