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    Re: mailto functionality

    Thank u :)
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    mailto functionality

    I have created an app on Nokia Asha 311 s40. My client has asked me to make a feedback request by platform_request(mailto:xxx);
    But I know that 'mailto' functionality is not supported on Nokia Asha...
  3. [moved] how to get default mail credentials in nokia s40 phones

    Is there any system defined function/method to get default mail credentials for a particular user and use it in our app for sending mail? for nokia s40
  4. Re: open default email/mail client from lwuit button

    Thanks I tried this. It works fine in the emulator but when I run it on my phone it only displays a web browser screen for a sec and returns back to my application.. and no email client is launched....
  5. open default email/mail client from lwuit button

    Please tell me how do I open he default email client from a lwuit button? and also predefine its subject and email address.
    I know how to use buttons. I would appreciate code for email client. (cant...
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