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  1. Sticky: Re: New beginnings for classic Nokia phone developers

    Thank you for expressing interest in learning more about Opera Store and opportunities for developers. Opera and Microsoft continue to work on a plan to assist developers in moving their content to...
  2. Re: 9 days have passed and there is no reply whether my app failed or passed the qa t

    @Sheila Mbadi: Your app was published on May 12th. Our promise is to process and publish Java apps in 5-7 business days and in your case it took 6 business days. You should have received a message...
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    Re: Feedback on publishing quick Nokia X apps

    Thank you for the feedback.

    The reason for this wording was to keep the phrasing short and things simple (and this should work in most cases). Your comment is valid though and I'll deliver your...
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    Re: My game packaage name already exists ?


    Nokia Store only accepts one apk file with a certain package name. This is to distinguish the apps in Store, for example, in app update cases. If you face a duplicate package name problem it...
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    Re: How to claim publisher name from OVI store


    please contact our Publisher Support ( developer.support(at)nokia.com ) for further assistance. In the support request, mention the app names, package names, and your company information to...
  6. Re: Nokia dropping support for MeeGo + Symbian apps starting Jan 1 2014

    You can publish a Symbian application as long as you can self-sign it, via your own site.
  7. Re: Nokia dropping support for MeeGo + Symbian apps starting Jan 1 2014

    Yes, also Java app submission to Symbian will be closed in the year change.
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    Re: in-app analytics library


    that is indeed the case. We are working on updates on all of the localised Publisher Guides. We are sorry for inconvenience.
  9. Re: Improvement suggestions for Publish website and service

    Thank you for your improvement ideas - I 'll pass them to our QA folks. We also try to check the publisher support questions more frequently.

    Publisher Support
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    Meeting you in developer events in October


    you now have a great chance to provide direct feedback on Qt for Symbian and Qt for Maemo documentation and code example assets. I am happy to meet any of you in person in Maemo Summit 2009 in...
  11. Re: MyView example points to missing document on FN

    I have sent feedback to the writer so that this would be fixed in the next library release. The update for the document itself needs to be considered. In many applications, UIDs have remained the...
  12. Re: Incorrect pointer to Contacts DB example in S60/5e C++ DevLib v2.0

    Thank you for your feedback. These broken links will be corrected in the next library release.

    Forum Nokia
  13. Re: Pointer to obsolete nmake in S60/5e C++ DevLib v2.0

    Thank you for your feedback. The text will be corrected in the next library release.

    Forum Nokia
  14. Re: Image files missing from sample descriptions in S6/5e C++ DevLib v2.0

    Thank you for your feedback. These will be fixed in the next library release.

    Forum Nokia
  15. Re: Mussing information on printing support on Eseries devices.


    Enterprise Solutions SDK Plug-In for S60 3rd Edition officially supports Nokia E60, Nokia E61, Nokia E61i, Nokia E62, Nokia E65, and Nokia E70.

    The following key features are supported:...
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    Re: MMF-related ALLOC panic

    Could this be an emulator-specific problem? We investigated the memory consumption of the code snippet "CS000899 - Finding audio and video formats supported by the phone" (...
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    Re: webkit support for nokia browser

    Have a look at the Web Browser product description documents for the S60 Web Browser in S60 3rd Edition and 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 1:
  18. Re: Symbian OS Basics Workbook v3.0 - incorrect info about Ccarbide.c++

    Exactly. Starting from Carbide v1.2, you import from a bld.inf file. Thus the exercises can only be used with older versions of Carbide.

    -s e p p o
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    Re: S60 Platform: Location Example

    Thank you for the feedback. The typos in the file have now been corrected. The new package can be found here:
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    Re: Using Camera API requires too much memory

    Thank you for your feedback (and solution)! We'll fix the example application accordingly.

    Forum Nokia
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    Re: An issue with PC Suite and N73 .

    Have you tried to set the default connection mode on the phone so that you don't get the prompt each time you are connecting?
    In phone menu, go to Tools -> Cable (or USB Cable) -> select Nokia PC...
  22. Thread: Lead devices

    by seppo_fn

    Re: Lead devices

    Now that the are different device series (e.g., Nseries and Eseries), it is more likely that several S60 devices using the newest S60 release are announced and entering the market approximately at...
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    Welcome to Location Based services section!

    This is a new discussion section where you can discuss location based services and navigation issues (including location and navigation application development in C++ and Java) and share ideas with...
  24. Re: Feedback on new document "Avoiding Common Failures in Symbian Signed tests"

    Hi mgroeber9110 and others,

    thank you for your feedback. We do handle all received developer feedback on a regular basis (note however that feedback is not examined immediately but all feedback...
  25. Re: Problems with OMA setting to manage a SIP configuration On a s60

    Application-specific special parameters are not converged into hexadecimals but they are sent as inline string.

    Forum Nokia
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