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    Re: HTTP Error 413: Request entity too large

    Dear All,

    I experience this HTTP Error 413: Request entity too large on Nokia Asha Web App Simulator when I tried to re-check my web apps.
    Actually it is already published on Nokia Store, so I...
  2. How to add some more RSS feed items on the web apps.

    Dear friends,
    I notice that the number of RSS feed items on Nokia Web Apps template is only 25. From Nokia Xpress Builder is only 10 maximum. Is there any way to modify it to put more than that?...
  3. Developing Web Apps in English and Local Language

    Dear all,

    I am planning to develop a web apps with materials in English language but I am starting to think that it would also be effectively useful if the material is in my native language for...
  4. Re: Is there any way to set the right margin for Blog style web apps?

    Thank you very much Lorion84. It's true that I am start learning the html, css and javascript. Still trial and error here and there and learn from this community. :)
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    Design Preview Won't be Scrolled Down?

    Dear Nokia developers,
    I downloaded and installed the Nokia Asha Web App Tools 3.0 and am trying to learn the features and currently I am trying to develop my first mobile apps using this software....
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