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  1. Re: What is the correct SDK for the Nokia Asha 201?

    But even the new devices are in millions, still there is still a big market that you can target. All you have to do is develop a cool app that will make you money.
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    Re: Nokia Asha IN app purchasing

    Hi, thank you for asking, we are here to help. There are greater chances that consumers will buy your app if you integrate In-app purchase.
    I will take you step by step.
    First Download the IAP...
  3. Re: please help,Map API not implemented properly due to zar file

    Hi, Thanks for asking.
    Since your project is about Maps, do not worry because Nokia has a provision for that.
    To get started with integrating maps into your App visit this...
  4. Re: What is the correct SDK for the Nokia Asha 201?

    Hi Bro, If you are planning to develop for the Asha platform regardless of which version, then you MUST use the Nokia Asha SDK. Using this SDK is cool because it gives you access to new APIs that...
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    Re: [moved] S40 http connection error

    My advise would be that you should develop for the Asha series since these devices are also in millions. When publishing the app. Do not distribute it to devices that do not support it. For example...
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    In App purchase.

    I am developing an app that helps spanish speakers to learn English.
    I would like the provide the app for free and then make use In-App purchase so that the users can view the full features of the...
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