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    Re: USSD support

    I don't think USSD is supported on WP8? Anyone have tried it?
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    Re: Developing for Windows Phone

    You can learn Windows Phone development on the newly updated Windows Phone Developer site :) http://dev.windowsphone.com
  3. Re: Got error on adding php web service in windows phone 7

    If you like, you can use Cordova and make HTML5 based apps that integrates with your PHP code. (For portability reasons, this is the best tip)
    But if you love native, you have to make a REST request...
  4. Re: Not Able To Install Apache Cordova for Windows Phone7

    So your question is: "the problem is am not able to find CordovaStarter-x.x.x.zip file in the downloaded content"

    Are you looking for the "Actual" cordova zip that you have downloaded? May i ask...
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    Re: Window Phone 8 device for developers

    Let's just wait for Nokia's official announcement. :) I'm pretty much excited to develop apps for the Lumia 920 & 820. :D
  6. Re: Windows Phone 8 SDK is now available, with a but

    The Windows Phone 8 SDK is awesome! Though it would be nice if Microsoft would've published 7.8's SDK too. :)
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