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  1. Re: "Application Running Nothing to Display" message will Nokia QA team reject?

    Hi Senthil,

    If the QA team is able to replicate the same issue, it will likely fail QA. If you need assistance, I would advise submitting a ticket to developer.support@nokia.com, so that a...
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    Re: App not work to Belle?


    you will need to "edit" and resubmit your app wizard app. Once you resubmit, your content will be updated with the Belle devices after it passes QA.

    Nokia Publish...
  3. Re: Does promoting app really helps to gain higher rank in store?


    Please note that the top apps are based on the specific download reports. Due to the recent delays in the transaction reports, some apps are not refreshing on the store as intended. Be...
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    Re: Invalid Support Website

    Hello vinothg,

    Please note that the support site should provide users a clear means to contact the developer. A clickable email address or "Contact Us" should be apparently when a user clicks the...
  5. Re: Nokia unpublishes my app without giving me time to correct issues or reply my req

    CaCO3 Hello, if you could please inform me of your content ID, I can look into this further for you.

    Nokia Publish Support
  6. Re: files pending since almost a month to publish on store

    Hello Everyone,

    If your content is taking a longer than normal to process, please note the following:

    1) Please doublecheck if your content has QA failed. If so, please review the QA report...
  7. [Moved]2012 annual Nokia World event in Helsinki, Finland.

    Nokia showcases its latest products, services, design and research innovations in the 2012 annual Nokia World event in Helsinki, Finland.
    To learn more about this exciting event please refer to the...
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