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    Re: how to browse files???

    hai all ,

    i need to uplaod images in to the emulator and dispaly one after the other when ever key is pressed .

    so i have download the imageconverter code and tested but i am unable to see the...
  2. Key Pressed or released an message should be displayed

    hai all,

    when ever a key is pressed or released a message should br displayed on S60 emulator.please help me.

    i need some code for that and the header file used for keyevents.

    thanks in...
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    Q:i need to dispaly an image on emulator

    hai all,

    i have 10 images with me.so i need to dispaly them in line one after the other on S60 emualtor when ever a call is received and hanged up.please help me.
    atleast give me some releated...
  4. makmake tool failed to run. Project creation aborted.

    hai all,

    i am getting the same problem.i installed the codewarrior for symbian v3.1 and activeperl 5.8.8 and s60 3 rd edition fp1 for symbian 9.2 .
    when creating a project i am getting this...
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