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  1. Re: "Failed to initialize session" error when trying to run MIDP on S60device

    Had the same problem. Solved it by turning off my firewall.
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    Re: S60 Connect to Agent Failed

    Had the same problem. Solved it by turning off my firewall.
  3. OutOfMemoryError: Failed to fork OS thread on a 6210. SOLUTION

    Just a quick FYI:
    I'm developing a fairly thread intensive application, but I do treat my threads the way I should, so they all quit gracefully and free up resources as needed. Tested it fine on...
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    Re: Getting a stacktrace on a low-end device

    Tried on the 5200:
    This method does not work over a bluetooth connection. However, USB cable plus PuTTY work like a charm. There is no actual need to change the COM port.
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    Controlling flight mode on S60

    It seems that N95 gets into flight mode (all wireless connections are down) after a certain interval.

    What happens now is that after the device shuts down the connections, I get Symbian error...
  6. Alpha blending using Directgraphics.setARGBColor

    Ahh - I think Ive found another bug in 6600...

    Ive managed to use the DirectGraphics methods to paste ARGB png bitmaps (both on the phone and on the emulator).
    BUT - I wanna use it the way it was...
  7. Solution

    Well - I guess its too much to ask from Nokia for a decent uninstaller.
    Anyways - in order to completely uninstall NDS remove the following registry key:
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    Look what I found in the API

    public class UnsatisfiedLinkError
    extends LinkageError

    ->Thrown if the Java Virtual Machine cannot find an appropriate native-language definition of a method declared native. <-

    Looks like a...
  9. Nokia Developer's Suite for J2ME, V2.2, Wont install because of old 2.0 installation

    Well - Nokia's crummy worksmenship has struck again!
    I'm working with 2 IDEs - Eclipse and I have recently installed Borland Jbuilder. Sine you need a seperate installation of the Developer's suite...
  10. HT = HyperThreading B.t.w. - you dont need to...

    HT = HyperThreading

    B.t.w. - you dont need to actually turn off HT - just run winxp with the /ONECPU switch
  11. SOLVED

    Short definition: emulator no work after me upgrade hardware.

    Anyways - apparantly some Nokia emulators dont work well on a multi-processor enviroment. So turnning HT off fixes the problem.
  12. Downgraded to WTK1.0.4 - still same problem......

    Downgraded to WTK1.0.4 - still same problem... Hmmmm
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    I have the opposite problem - runs smoothly on...

    I have the opposite problem - runs smoothly on the WTK emmulators, very very slow on the series 60 sdk concept beta (or whatever the name is), and ok on the SDK 2.1 emmulator.

  14. slow slow Series_60_MIDP_Concept_SDK_BETA_0_3_1 emmulator

    Ive got a new computer - specs below. Ive reinstalled the system from scratch - new WinXP installation, new IDE installation - everything.
    Now the emmulator runs slow as hell (much slower then on my...
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    S60 Email information

    On the 6600 there is an option to let the user set up a number of email boxes, each one with a distinctive name. Is there a way I could retrieve this information from the phone?
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    Getting a pixel color value (from a Canvas)

    Is there a way to get a pixel's color value or create an Image out of an area of a Canvas WITHOUT using the dedicated Nokia UI (using only MIDP 2.0)?

  17. Nokia Developer's Suite 2.0, packaging problems

    Ever since I installed the Nokia Developer's Suite for J2ME 2.0, whenever I pakage my MIDlet using the suite (from within the SUN ONE ide), it just replaces the meta data and updates the jad, but...
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    Ive written a detailed solution: http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=45029

  19. Reading a multilangual file - A DETAILED SOLUTION + a Hebrew example

    Ive been looking around the archives - and couldnt find a coherant solution as to how to load multilangual plain-text files (files that arent in english). So Ive decided to look into the case and...
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    Reading a hebrew text file

    I tried the method discussed here and I get the following error while encoding the string to UTF-8:
    java.lang.RuntimeException: IOException reading reader invalid byte 11101001

    Now - I didnt...
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    And suppose my default language was old chinese,...

    And suppose my default language was old chinese, where the typing is top-down? Then the item flow would also be top-down? This does not make any sense! Any assumptions about what the user wants (like...
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    Hold on a minute!

    Are there any built in java classes in the 6600 that can handle mail? Because silly me - I just finished coding an SMTP client with attachments and authentication (sory - no ssl/tls), and it was a...
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    Item flow and right-to-left languages

    Im a developer in Israel - and as you know Hebrew is written right-to-left. All the phones have Hebrew set as their default language. Im developing an english (actually a multi-language, but Im...
  24. >If u r using other kinds of IDEs like Sun One...

    >If u r using other kinds of IDEs like Sun One Studio, you also >need to configure your default SDK into the MIDP SDK u installed >in RUntime Session. The same configuration happens when u r >using...
  25. Can the Series 60 SDK 2.0b emulator run unpackeged MIDlets?

    Can this emulator run only jarred MIDlets or can it be used (using Sun One 4 ME) to run unpackged MIDlets?
    Ive tried and got the ugly "Emulator: Can't find class file." error, and no, I dont have...
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