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  1. Interpretation of data from accelerometer and rotation sensor


    I'm trying to understand the output from a rotation sensor. I'm assuming, that the rotation sensor in some cases, is simply an abstraction of the data from the accelerometer, i.e. the rotation...
  2. Re: How to interpret data from rotation sensor on Symbian device?

    Could you give more details on these rotations? I'm also having difficulties interpretating these angels.

    By your description, it seems, that we are talking about intrinsic rotations, which is not...
  3. Re: GPS not started or fix impossible with QtMobility

    I assume that your suggestion is directed towards gardiol, but could you share your thoughts behind your suggestion?

    Are you suggesting to use QGeoPositionInfoSource::SatellitePositioningMethods...
  4. Re: GPS not started or fix impossible with QtMobility

    I have had similar experience with S60v5.

    The solution for satellite info, which worked for me, is to continue to request updates. If a timeout is signal, then you request a new update. When you...
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