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  1. Re: Autostart application and reading tag UID with one touch

    I wonder if i've 4 card with 4tag UID(ex 1 2 3 4), how could i start MIDletA with 123 and MIDletB with 4? I mean how can i pushregistry with differences UIDs at the same type of card, so what is...
  2. Re: Certificate regarding communicating with secure element

    anyway, thank you very much, phoenix!!

    One more thing, Phoenix! Could you tell me which sites issues the right certificate code extractly for Nokia 6131 NFC (unlocked) that i could sign my MIDlet...
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    Re: N6131 Secure Ele Version


    How can i connect read/write data into secure-element(internal.se.url) or internal mifare(internal.mf.url) without signing code? Or I want to write a test application, how can i make my own...
  4. Re: Certificate regarding communicating with secure element


    Is there another way to test secure-element connection without code signing registration from Certificate list on the phone?
    For testing&researching, I tryied to create certificate by...
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