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  1. Re: How to extract the xml data to listbox source?

    Is someone generating that XML or did you write it up as a sample?
    The reason I ask is its malformed.
    You can't have an xmlelement started with a number.
    Also the syntax isn't name attribute...
  2. [Moved]Nokia CodeWarrior Hackathons - Spring 2012 - USA

    Hey folks,

    Nokia is running a series of hackathons in the USA this Spring. USA dates below. There are also some dates in Canada. More info at this blog post. I'll be at the one in Miami. ...
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    Re: Get GPS distance between coordinates.

    The formula you are looking for is called "great circle distance". There's a javascript version of it here ( http://www.movable-type.co.uk/scripts/latlong.html ) which would be pretty easy to...
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