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  1. libqtcore4-dbg 4.7.4~git20120112-0maemo1+0m7

    My N950 (PR1.2) got updated to Qt libraries version 4.7.4~git20120112-0maemo1+0m7. Unfortunately, there are no associated debug symbols for these; even the...
  2. Re: No recent libc6-dbg available on N950 PR1.2

    Thanks for your answer, but I'm a bit afraid about that -- you apparently aren't connected to Nokia, and I'm a bit careful about installing packages from random places on the Internet.

    How did you...
  3. No recent libc6-dbg available on N950 PR1.2

    Hi, when trying to install valgrind, the process fails with unresolved dependencies due to libc6-dbg. When installing that library explicitly from the devel-su console through `apt-get install...
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