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  1. Re: Urgent Nokia: Online Flash Lite Packager web page looping

    The packger seems to be working again! @SimonB, the packager is for s60 (*.sis) files only. Series 40 devices use the *.nfl file format; to create an nfl build create a zip file containing you swf,...
  2. Re: Urgent Nokia: Online Flash Lite Packager web page looping

    The packager doesn’t seem to be working again (the page never loads) Could you restart the server again? Thanks
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    Re: OviStore - Wishlist from publishers

    1.The ' Related' tab should show apps with similar keyword metadata and what other people who downloaded the app also downloaded (e.g if I go onto a page for a football game, I should see other...
  4. Re: How long need to wait for stats to be shown?

    For some strange reason, we getting downloads for two apps of ours which aren’t currently published on the store (one got unpublished by Nokia because an inappropriate advert got through our ad...
  5. Re: App published on STORE although it didn’t pass the QA

    I’m guessing that due to the QA backlog OVI have either taken on a lot of new inexperienced staff to help out or the existing team are under so much pressure they’re making stupid mistakes. We’ve...
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    Re: App QA Passed but not available on OVI STORE

    I am in a similar situation, I’ve noticed that new apps have started to appear again however mine is still not on the OVI store (I submitted the app at the end of September, it passed QA a couple of...
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    Re: Any way to check QA Status ?

    I might be wrong, but my understanding is that the moment you edit your file it goes to the back of the QA queue So if you're editing it every few days (even if you submit changes afterwards) it...
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    Re: Any chance to make QA work faster?

    One of our games has been in QA for 27 days and only passed yesterday (now it’s waiting for OVI to publish it) We have a Halloween themed game which we submitted 17 days ago and now is unlikely to...
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    Re: Flash Lite content in OVI Store

    All our (Fluid Pixel's) games on OVI are flash lite:

    Animentals (paid content) http://store.ovi.com/content/21909 and video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufEJnEyQCcg and website...
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    An alternative to Kuneri Lite?

    I’m working on a project that allows users to download a file from a server and onto their phone, set a reminder/set a timer so that the application runs once a day and write xml files to the phone...
  11. Re: First focused button nudges the stage upwards?

    I had that problem and there are three solutions I’m aware of
    Option 1.The simplest is to change the stage size so it is smaller than the screen of the phone you’re running it on. In cs3/4 got to...
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    nfl files bigger than 1mb

    We have a flash lite game which runs on series 40 devices however due to the amount of animation in it the total file size is just under 4mbs. I’ve got around memory issues within the swf file itself...
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