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    Debugging QML and Javascript on Symbian

    I am able to debug C++/Qt apps on my N8 without problems, and I can set breakpoints and step through code.
    But if my program is using QML/JavaScript, then breakpoints are never stopped at, and if I...
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    Re: Qt SDK 1.1 Technology Preview

    It happens I have a phone that only hooks up to my computer via Bluetooth, not USB.
    It seems app_trk doesn't let me do debugging over bluetooth yet.

    Which means for now, i install .sis files onto...
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    Re: Qt SDK 1.1 Technology Preview

    I should have posted my question in this thread, but here it is:...
  4. QtCreator 2.0.95/Qt SDK1.1: What happened to make sis build steps for symbian device?

    I just upgraded to Qt SDK 1.1.

    In Qt SDK 1.0, the make sis build steps were found in the "projects" section for a symbian device.
    It was an extra custom build step that just "showed up" for any...
  5. Re: QtCreator with .cert and .key from Ovi: what can I sign an app to publish?

    I was wondering, the "signing step" options in the Project build settings of QtCreator seems to have moved since Qt SDK 1.1tp came out.
    I can't see the "signing step" options at all now. Where do I...
  6. using hardware buttons (camera, volume up/down) on an N8 from Qt C++ app

    Qt's QKeyEvent system seems to recognize events for the Camera Focus and Volume buttons, but they are usually consumed by the system before my Qt application sees them.

    What is a good way in a...
  7. "please check that the media service plugins are installed"

    I'm trying to run the Qt Mobility player example on my N97 mini.
    Just grabbed the latest libs available on the updater site on sept 15, so I have qtmobility 1.

    I built and signed and installed...
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