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  1. Re: Just joined the premium developer and not finding the details offers

    Hello MobilePro, have you tried here http://developer.nokia.com/Developer_Programs/Lumia_developer_program.xhtml ?

    Good luck.
  2. Re: Where is details of the contest?

    Details about Qt Mobility Contest are published in http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.php/Qt_Mobility_Contest yet.

    Good luck.

    I'm going to participate.
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    Re: From where i can download Qt 4.6?

    Package includes Qt libraries only, you can have a full development environment for Qt and Symbian with Qt libraries, Carbide C++ aka ADT, and Qt Creator IDE.

    When Nokia releases Symbian^4 you...
  4. Re: Qt for maemo will be officially supported soon!

    We have good news from Qt and Nokia guys :cool:
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    Re: From where i can download Qt 4.6?

    You can download Qt 4.6 for Symbian in http://qt.nokia.com/downloads/symbian-cpp
  6. Re: is QT for s60 ready to build final applications?

    I think with 4.6 release of Qt we have a good framework to create our applications integrated with Symbian. Next year will be a year with a lot of news about Symbian Development like Symbian^3 and...
  7. Re: Configuring Mail for Exchange via OMA-CP messages

    Thanks a lot. I have seeing on the URL that I can create a WBXML file and sending this file throw WAP. Do you know if I can use a local file with WBXML settings or I need an Internet connection to...
  8. Re: Configuring Mail for Exchange via OMA-CP messages

    Hi mboella.

    Could you establish mfe settings throw OMA-CP. Could I have a sample of it?

    Thanks a lot.
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    Re: Configuring Mail For Exchange

    Hi mgargett, I am working with Mail for Exchange OMA DM Adapter too and I can continue because adapter has this issue http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.php/KIS001444_-_Issue_with_DM_Adapters_and_MFE....
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    Re: What is the Optimum Port

    Hi praran910, info about ports related with SMS sending in J2ME has been cleared at this thread http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/forum/showthread.php?t=110549

    How you can see, you can establish...
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    Re: Symbian UI design

    You can found samples and articles about Mobile Design at http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.php/Category:Mobile_Design

    At forum nokia e-learning track you can found two screencasts about...
  12. Re: Cómo copiar un número de teléfono de mensajes enviados.

    Hola Sisto, puedes obtener todos los datos de los mensajes recibidos, enviados o almacenados implementando la interfaz MMsvSessionObserver. En esta URL tienes un ejemplo de como leerlos...
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    Re: How to extract html data

    If you want to extract the HTML content of a HTML control, you can use innerHTML method like this:

    var content=document.getElementById('div1').innerHTML

    I hope this helps to you.
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    [moved] Mail For Exchange issue

    I am working with OMA DDF for Mail for Exchange using its OMA DM Adapter. I can read DDF tree without problems but I can not modify nodes causing this issue KIS001444...
  15. Re: In my Simle AudioPlayer how to pass data between my Views to display the Filenam

    Hi Vijaysoft. I think that this can help to you.

    You can declare two variables on AppUi class that will store filename and filelength. When you select the file, you must establish this variables...
  16. Re: Hola! queria saber donde conseguir un manual

    De Symbian puedes descargar manuales (booklets) desde esta URL http://developer.symbian.com/main/documentation/booklets/

    Algunos están traducidos al español.

    Para trabajar con Qt puedes...
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    Re: Incluir dll en Carbide++

    Lo que tienes que hacer es abrir el fichero MMP de la carpeta group (el fichero MMP define la estructura del proyecto completo). Al abrir el fichero verás una pestaña que pone Libraries, ahí puedes...
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    Re: ECOM and Mail for Exchange

    What happens with error KIS001444 http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.php/KIS001444_-_Issue_with_DM_Adapters_and_MFE

    How can I solve the problem of modify MFE settings using OMA DM, must I create a...
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