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  1. Re: How to protect my software from piract

    Hi Kzomran,

    You could use offline (a.k.a. hashed) licenses generated by licmax.com. If decide to use an app store that supports dynamic licensing, such as MobiHand, Handango, YouPark, or your own...
  2. Re: [moved] Subscription model for an app

    Hey Sriram,

    I'm fairly certain the only way Ovi Store can help you with a subscription model is for your app to require the user pay and download a new copy.

    Another way to implement it would...
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    Re: Data on Paid Apps

    Hi Raks,

    I saw a link on this blog, has some really good data, including paid apps.


    Cheers, Posri
  4. Re: Serious Concerns About Ovi Store and DRM FL

    licmax.com can also help here. We used it instead of maintaining our own license server - most convenient, 'cause it handle many store (App World, Mobihand, Handango,...) :)

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