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    Audio Streaming 5800 Xpress music.

    Hello, We are trying to play streaming audio for a music player application over HTTP. While i have searched discussion forums I am unable to decisively conclude that either a live stream or...
  2. QnetworkConfiguration bearerTypeName fails in worker thread?


    I have a worker thread, that needs to post some content to server on a 3G data channel only. I am trying to do like this.

    QNetworkAccessManager nam;
  3. How to make emergency call in symbian ~3

    Hello All,

    I am stuck at attempting to make emergency call in Symbian ~3. I have attempted to use the extensions API of earlier Symbian versions(I know its highly platform sensitive, but wanted to...
  4. Cannot compile Symbian and QT Mixed Code

    Hello all -

    I have installed QT SDK Creator 2.2.1 June 15 release. I need to use Telephoney API and including Symbian headers is a must.

    I found compiling my project file from directory...
  5. Re: Can an application have two different graphic context?

    The content i render to the screen is some parts of the font bitmap I have.It indeed looks like some text drawn on the screen, but actually constructed from a font bitmap i have.

    If i understand...
  6. Can an application have two different graphic context?

    Hi all,

    Platform: S60 5 Ed.

    I have an area in the screen where I draw fonts from a bitmap file(where i have alphabets and symbols), using block transfer of selective area in the...
  7. Re: Getting Kern Exec 3 if touches the screen

    Please post your code.If it helps you, Kern Exec 3 panics are for uninitialised pointers e.t.c.
  8. Re: Is there any way to debug e32 user cbase 63!

    First try to isolate code where you are actually getting the error.I have noticed that too many memory leaks sometimes(inconsistent) somehow show up as CBase 63.

    Pleas put up the code if you can...
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    Symbian and Flash Lite IPC


    Can anyone suggest how to do IPC between flash lite app and symbian application.
    I understand that opening a local socket connection is one approach. Are there any others??
    Please point to...
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    Handling Touch Events in an Exe


    I have a window group created in one of my Exe applications on which i draw an image and text. Now i want to know if i can use CAknButton on it to handle some touch events.

    Can touch...
  11. Just how much for fee to become a publisher????

    Can anybody tell if becomming a publisher is free, paid and if so how much.
    screencasts say its free, somebody on facebook says its 50$. Really confusing.

    Its really painful to find such basic...
  12. How to remove thumbnail from a contact ??

    hi all,

    I want to remove thumbnails from phonebook for all contactts.(For some testing..)
    app crashes with CNTMODEL-51. iContactDb->CommitContactL(*iContactItem);
    Advice what is wrong here....
  13. Re: Running CAknPopUpList->ExecuteLd() in a nested ActiveScheduler ---How??

    I want execution to be blocked at contents marked in Red.
    Now i want none of active objects to wake up this thread. I just want execution to resume from where it blocked.

    which is why i am...
  14. Re: Running CAknPopUpList->ExecuteLd() in a nested ActiveScheduler ---How??

    I am not sure as to what an equaivalent dialog is for CAknPopUplist.
    Can you suggest something.
  15. Running CAknPopUpList->ExecuteLd() in a nested ActiveScheduler ---How??

    Hi all,

    I have a weird problem. I am using CAknPopUpList to show menu. This Blocks the thread at

    //Showing Dialog

    //Http Events
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    Re: Not getting States in CTelephony

    Hi All,

    Working on a similar type of code. Just wanted to confirm that we may not use a single active object for monitoring and answering a call.

    My code goes like this:

  17. Why can't i display "™" Trademark symbol??

    I am unable to disply trademark ™ symbol in my app while I am able to show Registered ®, and Copyright symbol ©.

    I am unable to do so in emulator as well as Phone(N93 & N95).

  18. Re: calling delete on RPointerArray items leaks memory??

    Hi All,
    Thanks for sharing your views.

    Most of you have commented on how to Either do a ResetAndDestroy(), or delete all the elements in the array, which i do not clearly want as the array's...
  19. calling delete on RPointerArray items leaks memory??

    Modified below in helloworldbasic app.

    In HelloworlsbasicAppUi.h
    RPointerArray<CFbsBitmap> iBmpArray;

    CFbsBitmap *b1;
    CFbsBitmap *b2;
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    Re: RArray.Remove(index) frees memory??

    I made a small correction.

    Can you check again. while i agree with you on the correct usages of Rpointerarray and Rarray, I am not sure why i get a kern exec 3 or user 42 that point to heap...
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    RArray.Remove(index) frees memory??

    does RArray.Remove(index) free memory associated with the index element.

    Rarray<Item*> aItem;
    Item* anItem = aItem[index];...
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    Re: Startup Management List API Issues

    Hi Mateen,

    Can you tell me how you configured to run it on emulator?
    Any help would be great.

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    Re: speech recognition in s60 3rd edition

    Hi fathema,

    Can you give me any leads on how you achived speech recognition.
    Specifically are there any examples.

    It will be great to hear from you. Please do reply.

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    Re: TThreadFunction n Refresh

    Hi Shilpa,

    I am facing the same problem as you, in that i am unable to refresh screen from another thread.

    I am calling DrawNow()/DrawDeferred() from my child thread.I am using a child thread...
  25. Re: issue in getting active view (yucca pls help)

    Declare in your Container class like this,

    TVwsViewId viewId;
    Call the function GetActiveviewId( ) Like this:


    The currently active view will be...
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