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  1. Re: Nokia N78 extremely slow uninstall?

    I tried installing just one of the nested installers, which has 30 files in it. That took about two minutes to uninstall.

    By contrast, the entire application, containing about 110 files packaged...
  2. Re: Nokia N78 extremely slow uninstall?

    Hi gaba88,

    I am a developer. The application in question is one I am developing.

    I'm pretty sure end users wouldn't know about nested installers, how many binaries an app has, nor attempt a...
  3. Nokia N78 extremely slow uninstall?

    I recently got one of these devices, and found that uninstalls take much longer than they do on other phones I've tried. I have one app that took five minutes to uninstall! That particular installer...
  4. Re: Partial upgrade installer problem

    Thanks for the responses.

    Since developers over at Symbian have blessed the .pkg files, submitting them here probably wouldn't be productive.

    Based on their feedback, I will submit a bug...
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