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  1. Thank you very much i download the gimp software...

    Thank you very much i download the gimp software and used the transpareny to one part of the image and image and the image can be overlapped. Thanks again.
  2. Image Transparency and Saving of two images as one.

    Hi there, i am a student who is learning to do image editing for my school project, could anyone help me and give me some idea on how to set a part of an image as transparent and also how to save two...
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    Image overlapping

    Hello we are students doing a project on photo editing by adding borders on to the images on the phone. We read the APIs and found that we could use layer manager. We still have problems in our...
  4. Thanks for the help

    thanks alot for your help sir. We really appriecate your help. Thanks alot.
  5. How To initialize the camera using J2ME

    We are a grp of student doing a project on a nokia phone, we are beginners. Our project will be using the camera feature. How do we startup or initalizing the camera? We are doing the...
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